Session Preparation


 Hygienic Preparation

  • Your genitals and anal area will be waxed – or – freshly shaved – or – closely trimmed. This prevents hair from becoming an obstacle or detriment during play. Do not cut yourself.
  • You will *not* apply cologne or aftershave after your morning shower. This is so you can smell me, rather than your cologne.
  • Yes… Wear Deodorant as your typical hygienic agents (everything but cologne). Bathe as close to the time of session as you can and thoroughly cleanse every cranny.
  • Good dental and oral hygiene increase the likelihood that I’ll get close to your face. Use mouthwash or brush your teeth after eating food, drinking coffee or using tobacco products.
  • Anal preparation – Between 2 – 4 hours of our meeting you will administer 1 or 2 small store-bought, enema (Fleet brand or equivalent). Doing smaller amounts frequently is more effective than doing larger volumes. Use gentle pressure so that you don’t push waste up higher into the intestine. The water should be clear when done.


Orgasmic Preparation

  • Beginning 2 days prior to session, there will be no further masturbation to orgasm. If you wish to stimulate yourself without orgasm, you may. The more you edge the more you please me.


Mental Submission Preparation

  •  3 days prior to session, you will commence a routine of mental preparation. The prescribed sequence of visualizations will be undertaken every even numbered hour while awake, noon, 2, 4, 6 etc., and recommenced upon awakening the next morning. The mental preparation need only last a minute or two but may be longer if you choose. The sequence of visualizations shall consist of imagining yourself submitting to me and the great pleasure you expect it will give you. While doing this visualization I expect you to connect that mental image/thought to your genitals… you may touch yourself if you are in an appropriate venue. When this brief sequence is concluded, you may return to your routine. At no time should this mental preparation compromise your safety, physically or socially.
  • Any time it is realized that a mental preparation session has been missed, it should be undertaken as soon as possible. This delayed session should also include a strong pinch with the right hand to the soft skin of the inside of the left upper arm, held for a count of 20. Any additional pinches necessary later for any subsequent missed sessions should be applied to exactly the same spot as used before. You will be inspected for evidence of bruising in that area.




  • You will acknowledge receipt of these instructions and state your intent to follow them immediately upon receipt. ♦ In this acknowledgment email, you will also list 5 activities you desire most in our session.