I once had a very experienced and well-known Dominatrix ask me why I would choose the name Mercenary, when her referenced definition of the term was an avaricious character.
I explained that, to me, a mercenary was a hired gun. But after thinking about it, perhaps there something I enjoyed in overturning the idea of ethics. The rebel in me enjoys kink feeling a little deviant.
I am a mercenary in the sense that I am a dominatrix for hire. It could be questionable to some whether what I do is ethical. But I embrace myself as a principled, empowered and sexual person with boundaries.


I expect tributes for my performance. I expect contributions from my slaves to the upkeep of my gear, my lifestyle and my resources that ultimately benefits their experience.
I will behave professionally and keep a sanitized, safe and professional environment.

I don’t play with every party willing to pay the Tribute. I feel we must have a certain base level of chemistry. Without enjoying my partners company, this lifestyle becomes a taxing job. It takes all of the joy out of scenes. I do what I love and I wouldn’t change that for all the money in the world. This is all about finding a mutually gratifying experience with people I enjoy.

I believe that Power Exchange requires that the submissive have power to give. This means that I don’t play with “No Limits” submissives. I want my play partners to have boundaries that I can bend!

I view it as the true calling of a Dominatrix to assist those who come to see her in becoming comfortable with who they are. I want you to feel you are in a safe space. A space in which to feel vulnerable and even unsafe at times.  I walk the fine line between fantasy and a dark reality.

I watch kink porn, attend lifestyle seminars, and frequent munches. I am always researching new ideas and I am open to hearing yours.

Education is important to me. I actively pursue information on techniques for various BDSM activities. Furthermore, I hold a degree in Communication. I enjoy reading body language and contextual messages. I am usually reading between the lines. I will use this skill to better understand where you are mentally both during and outside of a session.

As a footnote to the last statement, I do not typically engage in D/s grammar. I capitalize nouns accordingly. I understand the connotation of D/s grammar. In the world of D/s many Dominants expect the submissive to capitalize everything that pertains to the Dominant and use lowercase on everything pertaining to the submissive. I respect that but it’s not my protocol and will not be using that system.

I respect all limits. I like to push, to bend, and to mold you into my ideal plaything. However, I do not break what I cannot fix. I am CPR certified and I only engage in activities that I’ve researched. Your physical, mental and social safety is always a top priority to me. My sessions are completely confidential.

My submissives, sluts and play-partners find their own unique chemistry with me. No session is scripted or identical. Expect a unique, tailored experience that is custom-suited for your needs and interests!

I am Safe, Sane, and Consensual… but also practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK).

I enjoy sensual control and power exchange as they fuel my desire to exert dominance over another. In addition,  is always enjoyable to me and I am intrigued by the dynamics that go along with it. Furthermore, tease and denial is an activity I thrive on and am able to use it effectively in an effort to showcase my talent for pushing you to the edge, but not letting you jump.

Lastly, people ask what my interests are and while I enjoy everything that I offer I do have some favorites. Impact play is high on my list of interests. Whether it is soft and sensual or to the point of being cathartic in nature, I love the feeling of implements in my hand and using them is second nature to me. I own numerous floggers and paddles of all varieties and am always eager to showcase my abilities within this realm.
I love CBT, sensual cock and ball play. I love owning your cock and doing whatever I please with it. This includes bondage, squeezing, clamps, suction play
Electrical – Estim play as well as fucking machines.

I live to tease.

And who doesn’t love a lady in a strap-on?