Limits and Safety


  • NO SEX
  • No Genital/Oral Contact
  • No Oral/Oral Contact
  • No Solicitation (i.e. Pimping)
  • No Minors (no one under the age of 18 or other non-consenting people).
  • No Animals
  • No direct handling of bodily fluids. I use medical gloves and eye guards when needed.

Health, Safety and Sanitation

I take all health concerns seriously. I am vaccinated for Covid-19 and will share my vaccine information privately. I also use nasal/oral antiseptics (Halodine), and sometimes eye protection during sessions if I think it will be needed.

If you are ill, I ask you to reschedule.

Cleaning protocols:

The dungeon cleaning protocol is a multi-step process and done before and after each scene to ensure thorough cleanliness.
I start with Dawn dish soap or Simple Green to break down lubricants/oils. This prepares the item for disinfection.  I follow with Cavicide, 70% Rubbing Alcohol, or in some causes bleach solutions.
I boil or pressure cook items, as possible. 
I use condoms on insertables (dildos etc).  I wear gloves and use polycoated-barriers to protect items and surfaces from cross-contamination.


  • No Switching- I will remain dominant in our scenes.
  • No Permanent Damage – (i.e. dismemberment, death, psychological, and social damages)
  • I do not participate in Water-Boarding
  • No drugs or alcohol is to be consumed before our sessions. I may allow controlled use but with my consent and under my direction.
  • No Food Sploshing on *my* body.  Sploshing on others is permitted.


Social Expectations

Social boundaries, a mutual respect of privacy, and confidentiality are paramount components of our dynamic. I take care to communicate with you only at scheduled times and in what medium that you indicate is safe.

I will never share your face or identity even if you ask me to. (No blackmail). I will never otherwise share photos or videos without your permission. (Masked and consensual only).
I will never approach you in public, but I will carefully watch you and let you know if it is safe for you to approach me.
I expect you to keep our communication professional. My private life is what I leave out of advertisements and choose to do that for a reason. I expect you to honor our relationship as Dominant and submissive. My mystique lies within the unkown and I enjoy maintaining the integrity of those roles.