• One-on-One
    • Beginner – This is for individuals who are new and relatively inexperienced in BDSM.  I lay out simple rules for protocol and instruct people on how to please a Mistress.
    • Intermediate – This is for individuals who are moderately experienced and understand the basic principles of BDSM.  Protocol during these sessions is more rigid and the energy is at a higher level.  This is the most common type of session requested.
    • Advanced – This is for seasoned individuals who require intense sessions.  Cathartic beatings, heavy protocol and complete immobilization are a few examples of advanced play.  These sessions are not offered to new clients, but rather to those who have done sessions with me previously.
  • Multi-Domme
    • If you desire to serve two or more Mistresses during your session, I am able to arrange this with other Dommes in the area.
  • Submissive Accompaniment
    • These are sessions in which you would serve alongside another submissive individual (female or male).  I am open to you bringing your own partners or can provide one for you, under most circumstances.
  • Play Parties
    • If you are interested in playing at a local BDSM event (public), I am open to discussing your interests.
    • On rare occasions and with no certainty, I host private play parties that are on an invitation-only basis.  These parties are for select individuals and tribute is required.
  • Discreet Pubic Outings
    • I offer discreet forms of play in typical vanilla environments (restaurants, nightclubs, lingerie stores, etc.).




  • Demeanor
    • I look for my partners to be submissive (at least during our sessions). I can work with bottoms and kinksters but I truly enjoy those who actually desire to mentally submit.  Be polite and follow my direction. Pushiness, defiance and talking during sessions turn me off.
    • Your worship, admiration, and intense focus on me will make the session more enjoyable to me.
  • Promptness
    • Do not arrive earlier than your scheduled time. If you arrive earlier than your session begins, you will wait outside until your scheduled time.
    • If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please have the courtesy of notifying me by e-mail, text or phone call using the number I provide otherwise I will suspect you are no-showing and may move on in my schedule.
  • Hygiene
    • You are to be freshly showered. If you are not able to shower within a reasonable time of our session, you will shower upon arrival. I do not like cologne nor do I wear cologne. Deodorant is expected. You will also brush your teeth and use freshening as needed. These are simple requests to ensure standard hygiene requirements are being met.
    • An enema must be performed within four hours of the session if any anal insertion is to be performed. If you are unable to perform the enema within this timeframe, you will be expected to administer one upon arrival and shower afterwards.