Kink Glossary

Body Worship:
The act of worshipping (smelling, kissing, licking) various part of the body. Examples include feet and legs.

A practice involving restraining or securing a person with cuffs, rope, chains and other instruments. Also refers to someone being bound.

Breath Play:
An activity that involves the constriction or interruption of a person’s ability to breathe.

Cathartic Experience:
An intense level of play that brings purification and release of deep emotions.

A tube that is used to redirect the flow of urine. Types include both internal and external. An internal catheter involves a thin tube being inserted into the urethra in order to reach the bladder. An external catheter (male) is a sheath that may be slipped around the penis like a condom.

CBT Boards:
Boards with electrical “grids” on them that are designed to hold the penis and testicles while allowing a T.E.N.S unit to be used.

Cock and Ball Torture:
Play in which the cock and balls are given various amounts of pain with numerous devices and implements. Crushing, kneeing and slapping the cock and balls are common examples of this activity.

Chastity and Control:
The act of refusing the subject to have sexual gratification or even touching of his penis. Also refers to orgasms that are ruined, delayed or denied.

Corporal Punishment:
Physical punishments such as spanking, paddling, caning and whipping.

Diapering/Bathroom Control:
Putting diapers on the subject and/or restricting their use of the bathroom.

Diet Control:
Controlling the diet of another; not allowing certain foods and requiring others. Can also include forcing the subject to do physical fitness.

Domestic Discipline:
An environment in which the subject is typically put to work as a housemaid or in purely service-oriented roles. For example, serving tea at a party for women.

Forced Feminization:
Forcing a male subject to wear women’s clothes or make-up.

Humiliation and Degradation:
Making the subject feel embarrassment or shame and/or lowering their status by reducing their importance.

Light Stimulation:
Wearing special glasses designed to create light effects through the use of LED’s.

Material Fetishism:
Having a fetish for certain materials. Examples include shoes, boots, leather, pantyhose, etc.

Medical Play:
Play that involves the use of medical equipment such as T.E.N.S. units, catheters and speculums.

Medical Stapling:
Stapling various skin folds together.

The art of objectifying the subject and removing their human identity. Examples include having the subject serve as a footrest, table, etc.

Puppy Play:
An activity in which the subject takes on the role of a puppy or dog. Activities include drinking from bowls on the floor, fetching, begging, doing tricks, etc. This is a sub-category of Pet Play.

Assuming the identity of another character or persona during a scene. Examples could include student/teacher, pet/owner and employee/boss. 

Scrotal Infusion:
The injection of fluid (typically saline solution) into the scrotum in order to create a balloon effect.

Sensory Play:
Play that involves the reduction or elimination of various senses including eyesight and hearing.

Sensual Sadism:
Administering various levels of pain to the subject with a more sensual feel to it.

This is non-sexual and non-play oriented servitude. This is not to be confused with Servitude Play or Sexual Servicing. Those wishing to provide service, within my house, are guaranteed no interaction other than orders, criticism and praise. This is not a way to get free play sessions. This is best fit for those who enjoy full objectification, emotional abandonment, and hard work.

A medical tool used to investigate body cavities by allowing them to be widened.

An activity in which numerous types of food are thrown onto the body of the individual for various reasons. Food types are typically soft and include things such as pudding, cake, frosting, etc.

T.E.N.S. Unit:
A device that sends electrical signals to the subject either via pads that are adhered to the skin or through probes that are inserted anally or through the urethra.

Tease and Denial:
Teasing and arousing the subject sexually but not allowing them gratification.