• No unscheduled phone calls
  • No constant e-mails. I am not here to provide you with masturbatory material. If you do not schedule a consultation/interview within the first several e-mails, future e-mails will be ignored.
  • All health issues must be disclosed during interviewing process.


  • Do not pursue a personal relationship with me. Respect our dynamic as being purely D/s.
  • No haggling. My Tribute amounts are non-negotiable. You are welcome to pay me more than I’m asking.
  • Tribute is given before scene begins.

References for other Dommes

Submissives must request to use me as a reference.

This allows me to get clarification on details directly from the submissive before speaking to other Dommes. I may have lost our emails or have difficulty looking up their information. The submissive contacting me prior, first circumvents this problem.

•It saves me the unnecessary work of looking up the submissives information. The submissive should write me with all of the details about our scene(s) and let me know if they had alternative nicknames or email addresses or phone numbers, in our communication.

•Direct communication from the submissive assures me of their consent in discussing their details with another provider.

I anticipate that clients want to explore with other providers be they Mistresses or some other type of sex worker. I hope that my clients have no anxiety about this. I am not disappointed if they peruse other providers and I fully support them doing so! I may offer recommendations upon request.

I only act as a reference for submissives who I have seen for a private session. I won’t offer a reference if we have only consulted or had an interaction in public.