Compassionate, Skillful Kink

I invite you to be open with me and share your inner needs and thoughts. It is unlikely you will surprise me with any of your requests as I have most likely heard them before or at least some variation of them. Therefore, I encourage you to be forthcoming with your fantasies and let’s discuss the possibility of making them reality.

I see Domination and submission (D/s) as not only a physical act, but also a meeting of the minds between two individuals who both have something to offer. In a way, sessions are a stage play where we each play agreed-upon characters who are different people before the session and return to those personas after the session is complete.

I believe in continuing education and am always willing to spend the time and effort doing research and other activities to better myself in this lifestyle. Community involvement is important to me and I belong to and support numerous local groups.

Mentorship Requests

I am flattered that aspiring Dommes inquire with me for mentorships, however I must decline. I’m not accepting apprenticeships or mentees at this time. I may offer classes in the future. 

13 Years Professional Experience

2018 New Orleans Domcon Guest of Honor

If you’d like to learn more about me as a professional I’m featured in an interview at 6m5s below: