In addition to my professional role, I am also a 24/7 lifestyle Mistress. I have a few part-time submissives who provide service when needed.  These servants came to me as hourly sessions and earned a way into personal service. These submissives are trained to be both unseen and unheard; to be in my physical presence but not in my mental space. This is not a free session but actual chores although a uniform will be donned and protocol is observed.
Some may desire to make appearances in my clips and photos. Others may want to be 
used during professional scenes. This is strictly by client request only. 


  • Chauffeuring
  • Errands
  • Mechanical Maintenance and Building Labor.
  • Maid services – from domestic housekeeping to dungeon sanitation.
  • Scene Participant
  • Filming/Photography:
    No videos or photos from your scene will be used on any of my media outlets without your written consent to do so. Please feel free to bring your own memory card for the camera if you prefer to have the scene captured for your private enjoyment.


Mistress with Maid Servant