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This is the step in which we will talk  about your specific interests and limits. In addition, we will review the LimitList you have submitted to me. I prefer in-person meetings but will do telephone and online chat software consultations when I feel the situation dictates it. (People who attempt to bypass this step or push what medium I use will be denied and considered a potentially forceful person).

There is a $50 fee for the consultation. This fee can be paid via one of the following ways:

Gift Rocket (this is an anonymous option that may be sent to either my normal email or to the more discrete

PayPal: You may send this to I will contact you once the transfer has completed.

Cash: Bring cash with you to the consultation. If your consultation is the same day as the session you must pay the fee in advance. Due to challenges with Travel bookings. I cannot secure a travel booking off of a cash deposit unless we meet in person the day before your session. If I'm only in town one day, then this is not viable. 

Credit Card: I am able to process credit card payments in person or over the phone. I use the "Square" application and the receipts are issued as "Men's Clothing Online".

Amazon Gift Card: As a lesser preferred choice I accept Amazon Gift Cards for those online individuals that feel a need for more anonymity. 

Bitcoin If you are interested in this option I will send you a request for the amount. 

USPS Mail: If you send anything of value in the mail, I require for you to use Delivery Confirmation. This service costs $0.75, at the post office. You will supply me with a confirmation/tracking number. Be sure to double check the address before mailing!

Mail goes to the following address:




Adult Consent Verification:

Mercenary Mistress is an Austin Dominatrix providing real-time BDSM sessions to Consenting Adults Only.
This site contains sexually explicit material, which may be offensive to some audiences. By entering this site you declare, under penalty of perjury, that you are at least 18 years old, and are not offended by sexually explicit material and are legally able to download such items according to the laws by which you are governed.

I am an adult, 18 years of age or older. I am requesting and agree to view sexually explicit material for my personal use in my private home or office. I personally and without coercion will make selections of such material and these images and products without violating the community standards of the area in which I live. I will not exhibit these images to minors or anyone else who might be offended by them. THIS SITE DOES NOT CONTAIN MINOR PICTURES.